Glo Extracts Master Box

100 count

1gram vape carts



Glo Cart Master Box COUNT

Glo Extracts MasterGlo Extracts Box


  • menu inside MASTER BOX  matches all the carts in a CIGBOXES
  • There are no duplicated carts in a CIGBOXES
  • QR code verification (GLOTRACK) 

Our Master box comes with  10 cig boxes total of 100 carts . All 10 cig boxes comes with multiples carts in each box

No cart is repeated in a Cig Box

How to verify you Glo products

Glo use a QR code verification system called the  GLOTRACK. Also users are able to scan the QR code located on the master and cig box, which will let you verify the authentication of your carts. You are able to scan the Master box once and the Cig box 10times , for each of the cartridge’s in the box,

Verification Process Review.

Glo extracts  is changing the game with they verify if their cartridge are real or not . It great to see them being so committed to safe and making sure that people are getting their actual products. A good way to tell if its real or not is to see the packaging is already dense and sturdy. look for the seal and then locate the QR code that is on the box.


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