Chocolate Moon rock

Chocolate Moonrocks have a rich chocolaty smell dipped in quality grade kief to give a smooth taste regardless of how you smoke it. A fun fact to be cautious of is how it hits like an OG that blasts you off into a new realm for hours at a time. Mild, severe, or chronic pains fade away with ease after a few small hits of Chocolate Moon rocks.


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Chocolate Moon rock

What to know before you purchase Chocolate Moonrocks? They have a rich chocolate smell plunged in quality grade kief to give a smooth taste paying little heed to how you smoke it. A great truth to be wary of is the means by which it hits like an OG that shoots you off into another domain for a really long time at a time. Gentle, extreme, or ongoing torments disappear easily after a couple of little hits of Chocolate Moonrocks.

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Theres actually no ideal way of smoking Chocolate Moonrocks as its truly even more an individual inclination for some smokers. Probably the most well-known ways individuals decide to appreciate smoking them are without anyone else, add nuggs to a bowl, or roll them into a joint. Notwithstanding which strategy you choose to go with, you wont be baffled.


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