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If you are a regular cannabis user and you want to make sure that you can enjoy your cannabis in the safest way possible, it is likely that you have heard of vaping in the past. One of the best new cartridges on the market for vaping high quality cannabis is Cali Plug Carts.
These vaping cartridges are some of the easiest to change out on the market and they deliver a high quality dose of cannabis in every draw. Rather than having to struggle with dry herb vapes or using a wide range of cannabis devices which can harm your lungs, you will be getting only verified cannabis products out of Cali plug cartridges.

The cali plug carts comes in 1g cartridges, which last at lest 300 puffs. Once finished, simply disconnect from the battery unit and dispose. Each 4-second activation yields ~3.5mg of cannabis oil.


  • hot tamales
  • cheetos breath
  • koolaid
  • lemonheads
  • zkittkles
  • creamsoda
  • cherry lime
  • cherry lime
  • sweet tarts
  • marshmallow
  • churros
  • slushie
  • fruity pebbles
  • gobstopper
  • Grape Jelly
  • Nerdz

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hot tamales, cheetos breath, koolaid, lemonheads, zkittkles, creamsoda, cherry lime, sweet tarts, marshmallow, churros, slushie, fruity pebbles, gobstopper, Grape Jelly, Nerdz


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