Stoney Patch

First they’re sour, then you’re stoned. These watermelon wedges put a THC infused topping on this reminiscent sweet. With their juicy and refreshing watermelon flavor this 500mg cannabis edible is sure to turn that frown upside down. Buy Stonner Patch Online


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Stoney Patch – Buy Stoner Patch Online – Stoner Patch Dummies

Stoner Patch Dummies, offers all the amazing effects the Indica strain has to offer. its the number one choice for recreational users who would like to hit the couch and doze off while watching movies, and for patients who want to lessen chronic pain. Buy Stoner Patch Online


Sour Patch Kids were originally created by Frank Galatolie of Jaret International, under the name of Mars Men in the early 1970s. In the late 1970s, cadbury and the Smeera Blyton Licorice Company of Sweden formed the Allen Candy Company in Halmton, Canada, to produce them. In 1985 they re-branded to Sour Patch Kids, likely to capitalize on the popularity of Cabbage Patch Kids.


Tropical Stoner Patch Dummies are THC infused candy. Every pack contains 500mg of THC and ten assorted tropical flavored sour candies. These bite-sized edibles are an excellent and tasty method for anyone that’s looking to self-medicate.

Medical Benefits

Stoner gummies help patients to combat chronic pain and also have a relaxed sleep. This is especially true for those suffering from sleeping disorders. Therefore, users can feel the body-high strain hitting them as soon as they start chewing it.  Also increases appetite and decreases nausea.


Gummies can induce sleep for first-time users. Therefore, it is not recommended for users to increase the intake immediately after starting to use the gummies, especially if one needs to be awake or drive vehicles.

How Long Do Stoney Patches Take To Kick? Cannabis-infused gummies typically start kicking in 30 to 60 minutes after being ingested. How long it takes for the edible to breakdown and go directly into your bloodstream usually determines how long it takes to feel the effects.


Cannabis oil, sugar, citric acid, tartaric acid, and natural flavors



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  1. Samuel

    Was mainly focused on flowers but Stonner patch smack hard

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