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Grape God wax – Strong Potency

Buy Grape God Live Rosin offers an extremely focused, euphoric high and clear. It is a Sativa dominant strain known for its stunning sweet grape flavors. Its lineage is a cross among Grapefruit and God Buds, and its very sweet and earthy aromas live up to its good heritage. GG Wax is best for smoking on the go since it keeps your mind free and clear. buy gape god live rosin online

What is Grape God Wax?

Grape God Wax is a Sativa dominant hybrid. This is ideal for working out, playing video games, hiking a mountain, getting your day going, or even getting several works done. Any consumer who enjoys a clear Sativa high would highly appreciate what Grape God Wax has to provide. Buy grape god live rosin 

This strain is normally tested around 14 to 16 percent THC, which is a type of low for most present users. Though, the smokers who can look past that number and enjoy an enormous tasting bud will fall in lower with GG Wax

Grape God is enjoyed by farmers due to its short flowering period of 7 to 9 weeks. It’s also known to yield about 3 to 6 ounces of the flower. This’d be a fine strain for a small grow process that’s looking for a very unique flower. buy gape god live rosin online


The Grape God Wax strain provides a sour grape aroma combined with zesty citrus notes. The earthy odor you get is a reminder that beneath the fruity façade lies a strong cannabis plant. This earthy and sweet combination envelopes the consumer. It makes sure that you crave Grape God Wax from the moment you first smell it. buy gape god live rosin online

Flavor and appearance

Initially, a very strong grape taste hits your palate. Though, there’re also notes of has, soil, and citrus. The grapefruit, as well as berry taste, often make consumers feel invigorated. Grape God has slightly dark and dense NUGS with a little deep green shade and purple shade packed into the calyxes. Framers find that the buds are either small and round, narrow or long. Its orange pistils are highly noticeable during flowering. buy gape god live rosin online


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